VW ID Crozz electric crossover SUV: Design, Release

VW Group has announced an ambitious plan to deliver 30 electric models by the year 2025. We already saw three brand’s ID all-electric concepts and some of them look close to the production-ready models. VW revealed the ID Buzz Concept at the 2017 Detroit show and recently promised this concept based electric Minibus to go to the production. But the lovers of the crossovers are more interested in brand’s latest ID Crozz II concept that made the premiere at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show. The model is actually the evolution of the ID Crozz concept presented at the last Shanghai Show and this model gives us closer insight what will the VW ID Crozz electric crossover SUV bring to the modern market when it arrives.

VW models based on the ID concepts:

According to what we know so far, VW will offer the family of cars based on the ID concepts. The first to come is the Golf-like electric model previewed by the ID Concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. The crossover SUV based on the ID Crozz II concept is announced to come in 2020. The electric Minibus will follow in 2022.

VW ID Crozz electric crossover SUV

VW ID Crozz electric crossover SUV: Design

What we learned from the ID Crozz II Concept and other ID Concepts, the production versions will be based on brand’s flat, skateboard-like style, MEB platform. This scalable platform allows application of different body styles and position of the powering units provides better interior versatility. The configuration also includes the newly designed suspension with new electronic dampers, rear multi-link setup and MacPherson struts.

The VW ID Crozz electric crossover SUV when it arrives should have similar dimensions as the concept model. The updated concept sits on the 109.2- inch wheelbase and measures 182.1 inches from the front to rear. As the reference, the model should have the similar interior capacity as the 2018 Tiguan Allspace.

Visually, the production version will share plenty of styling cues with the ID Crozz II Concept car. The model will have futuristic LED headlights, smooth surfaces and so popular coupe-like profile. On the other hand, the concept car has traditional front doors and sliding rear door while missing the middle pillar. The full-glass roof won’t probably go to the production and the production version will gain the middle pillar.


Interior of the concept doesn’t tell us much about the production version cabin as it features more conceptual design. What we should expect from the production version is more flexible interior than on the current models and inclusion of the new technologies with the possibility of the self-driving ID technology.

VW ID Crozz electric crossover SUV

VW ID Crozz electric crossover SUV: Powertrain

Powering the VW ID Crozz electric crossover SUV will be some form of the all-electric powertrain presented on the ID Crozz II Concept.

The Concept vehicle has front-mounted electric motor powering the front axle with 101 hp and torque of 103 lb-ft. The rear electric motor provides 201 hp for the rear axle and total output is 302 hp. So, the model has all-wheel drive system but by default the model drives like the rear-wheel drive vehicle and switches to the all-wheel drive if the system detects lost traction or driver changes to the AWD.

The production version will also have the under-floor-located battery which in the case of the concept model has the capacity of 83 kWh. VW also promises the driving range of around 311 miles. The recharge time of 30 minutes should provide 80 percent of the battery capacity with the DC fast charger.

VW ID Crozz electric crossover SUV: Release date

VW has ambitious sales projection of its EV models. The brand expecting 1 million sold units by 2025. The VW ID Crozz electric crossover SUV is expected for the 2020 launch.

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