Is Hummer coming back in 2018?

When we are speaking about the iconic vehicles in the automotive industry we can’t miss to mention the Hummer brand and its SUV and truck models. When this brand launched the civilian version of the Army used Humvee in 1994 this rugged, go-anywhere beast become an instant success. The brand owned by GM than offered a smaller H2 and H3 versions based on the smaller GM platform before the company announced the discontinuation of the Hummer brand as the part of GM bankruptcy in June 2009. The company tried to sell the brand to the Chinese manufacturer but the deal collapsed and GM shut down the brand.

However, since the discontinuation, the Hummer-like vehicle has been rumored to appear and Ford’s decision to revive the Bronco and the close arrival of the new-generation Wrangler also heated up the hope of Hummer’s aficionados.


So, what are the chances for Hummer’s return?

Well, when we are speaking about the return of the Hummer-badged model it seems as an impossible story. On the other hand, the hardcore, off-road-oriented SUV which would go against the Wrangler was rumored to appear under the GMC nameplate but we haven’t seen any indication suggesting that so far. The production version of the Hummer HX Concept that appeared in 2008 was also rumored but this also stayed the matter of speculations.

So, as the things now stand, the Hummer-badged vehicle or vehicles similar to the H1, H2 and H3 won’t appear in the US in 2018 or anytime soon. It seems also that GM hasn’t planned to offer similar vehicle the stateside. The reasons probably lying in the fact that current market is inclined toward more car-like SUVs. The brands are also turning their focus to greener powertrains. The Hummer-like vehicle would also be hard to meet current emission standards.


Don’t be too disappointed. There is chance to get the Hummer-like vehicle outside the US

At the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, the small company of five people presented the vehicle called Humvee C-Series. This vehicle will be available in some markets outside the US. The models are the product of the Humvee Export and will be marketed in China and other countries that show interest. However, as models don’t meet the standards of the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, they won’t be on the sale in the US.

The C-Series represents the redesigned Hummer H1. This vehicle will be available in three trims, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta. The model will also be on the offer with four engine options developed by GM. A 6.5-liter diesel will be available in three variants 190, 205 and 250 hp. A 6.2-liter V8 version will deliver 430 hp.

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