2020 Tesla Model Y: Design, Options, Release, Price

The car market has changed dramatically in recent years and while SUV gained enormous popularity the main focus of the brands is also electrification. Tesla brand was in front of the time when launched its first all-electric model and self-driving technologies but after many production problems, delivery and new models delays, the brand is now faced with fierce completion. Anyway, Tesla has recently revealed a long-awaited 2020 Tesla Model Y but the new electric isn’t yet close to the launch. Tesla will start delivers in fall 2020 while some versions will reach the market in spring 2021.

The new, all-electric crossover SUV is derivative of the Model 3 sedan with which it shares plenty of elements and style inside and out. The model will seat up to seven and offer a number of powertrain options with the range of battery options and mileage. Tesla promises a sports-like ride in the new model with the functionality of the SUV. The model will also equip the top-notch electronic features and safety equipment including brand’s self-driving technologies.

2020 Tesla Model Y

2020 Tesla Model Y: Design

As it was expected, the 2020 Tesla Model Y shares plenty of its DNA with the Model 3 sedan and as Tesla claims about 75 percent of models’ underpinning is the same while the SUV model is about 10 percent larger. The models share also the powertrains and exterior and interior design language.

The new Model Y adopted the same design language as the Model 3 sedan to the SUV form. The model has a blunt, grille-free,  front-end styling and angular headlights. It looks more attractive from the profile perspective thanks to the defined character line and sharp roofline.

The boot has also defined edges and nice taillights. There are no falcon doors while model gets a panoramic glass roof.

Interior, equipment:

Interior of the model is the copy of the Model 3 but the SUV form provides greater practicality and interior capacity.

The model will seat five people and offer three-row configuration as well. There will be a front and rear trunk with the max cargo capacity up to 66 cubic feet.

The model’s tidy interior will come with the large 15-inch center screen and there won’t be gauge cluster. Adding the flair of luxury will be leather and wood trim on the dash and door panels.

Tesla hasn’t specified the list of model’s equipment but there will, of course, be Adaptive Cruise control and active lane control allowing the self-driving for short range.

2020 Tesla Model Y

2020 Tesla Model Y: Powertrains

The 2020 Tesla Model Y will offer a range of powertrain options with different battery capacities, performance and driving range.

The standard powertrain setup with 230 miles economy called Standard Range will include the rear-wheel drive and will need 5.9 seconds for 60 mph run.

A Long Range version will also be the rear-wheel drive but with the all-electric range of 300 miles and 5.5 seconds for 60 mph. This variant will use a 75kWh battery pack.

For the all-wheel traction, the model will employ another electric motor to power front wheels but the range will decline to 280 miles. This version will, however, improve the 60-mph score to 4.8 seconds.

At the top of the range, Tesla will offer the Model Y Performance version with the all-wheel-drive dual motor setup and range of 280 miles. The 60-mph time will be 3.5 seconds in this case.

The Tesla Model Y, with its Model 3-derived underpinning and well-distributed weight, will provide great handling and road stability combined with speedy performance.

2020 Tesla Model Y: Release, Price

Despite the 2020 Tesla Model Y has made a long-awaited debut recently, the on-sale date isn’t close yet and considering Tesla’s now usual delivery delays the arrival of the model should easily be prolonged.

But let’s not be pessimistic and expect the delivery of the model as Tesla announced in fall 2020. This is for all non-standard battery pack versions while it will go on sale in spring 2021.

The price of the base version will be $39, 000. The Long Range, rear-wheel drive model will need $47, 000. Equipped with the all-wheel-drive dual-motor setup, the Model Y will start from $51, 000. For the hot Performance version, Tesla will demand $60, 000.    

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