2019 Audi Q4: Design, Powertrains, Arrival, Price

It’s not the secret that Audi has big plans for its Q-range of models. The all-new 2017 Q7 initialized brand’s crossover SUV-offensive and redesigned Q5 is the continuation of the plan. Audi also revealed the identity of the new flagship Q8 and electric Q6 but it will also launch the Q2 model. However, the plan of the SUV lineup growth doesn’t end there as Audi has yet another model in the plan. The 2019 Audi Q4 has also been confirmed to enter the production which will take place in the Hungary. Audi hasn’t revealed much details about this model and prototype hasn’t also been caught. However, Audi hinted what direction this model will follow with the 2014 TT Offroad Concept.

2019 Audi Q4

2019 Audi Q4: Design

The new 2019 Audi Q4 will be brand’s compact, couple-like styled crossover which will compete with similar models from the BMW and Mercedes range. The model will be based on the Q3 model and will naturally take the position above the Q3 and under the Q5 in brand’s lineup. What doesn’t also come as the surprise is the MQB platform which will be the base of the model.

On the other hand, the styling of the model is expected to get inspiration from the TT Offroad Concept car to some extent but should also move forward from what we saw on that car. What the model will take from the TT Concept are curved roofline and similar tailgate orientation. We should also expect pronounced fenders and sportier bumpers to highlight model’s sports character.

The model should have at least 4.5 m in length which will make it more comfortable than the Q3 but it will trade some the rear seat comfort for the sportier profile.


As for the interior of the new coupe crossover, we should expect it to benefit from the similar features as seen on the brand’s latest models. That will include the availability of the digitalized instrument cluster, latest connectivity benefits, large infotainment center screen interface, wireless charging, gesture control and so on. Audi will also take care of the safety of passengers with the modern driver assistance systems.

2019 Audi Q42019 Audi Q4: Powertrains

Audi will offer the new coupe-like 2019 Audi Q4 with several powertrain options. The application of brand’s new-generation petrol and diesel four-cylinder engines with the capacity of 1.5 liters will find the way in the base versions of this model. However, the upgraded versions of the 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines will also be the part of the offer.

In addition to the conventionally powered models, Audi should also offer the plug-in hybrid version of the Q4. Marketed as the Q4 e-Tron, this version should offer the all-electric range of about 31 miles.

The performance-oriented buyers should, however, get the satisfaction in the form of the RS Q4 version. With the 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo engine from the RS 3, this model should deliver about 400 hp.

2019 Audi Q4: Arrival, Price

Audi confirmed the 2019 Audi Q4 to arrive sometime in 2019. Expect it to cost from around £28,000.

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