2018 Toyota FT-4X: Is it FJ Cruiser’s succesor or not

At the 2017 New York Auto Show, Toyota showed its new concept vehicle the 2018 Toyota FT-4X. If you are asking what the name means; the FT is for the “Future Toyota” and 4X references to its four-wheel drive capability. However, there are also two more questions which are imposing naturally. Is this model the successor of the rock crawling FJ Cruiser? The second is, of course, will this model get the production version? The first question is easier. Toyota already has several hardcore off-road vehicles like the Tacoma and 4Runner and one more would be too much. However, the FT-4X is something that is more intended for urban millennials who need something more capable than the CH-R or RAV4. On the other hand, Toyota will see the reaction but this vehicle doesn’t seem far from the production version.

2018 Toyota FT-4X

2018 Toyota FT-4X: Design

Toyota’s Calty Design Research facility in Newport Beach is responsible for designing this futuristic vehicle. The concept model is built on the TNGA architecture that is also the basis of the new CH-R. Two models also share similar dimensions. The wheelbase of the FT-4X is 103.9 inches identical to the CH-R. The model is, on the other hand, 167.3 inches long, 71.4 inches wide and 63.9 inches tall.

Styling wise, the FT-4X is quite rugged and intriguing. Toyota calls it “rugged charm” and model has a horizontal oriented front end, flared fenders and flat roof and hatch. The color combination is also interesting but the model has more interesting features.

The hatch features two-way design. Toyota calls it a Multi-Hatch as there are two ways to open it. The ratable handle allows it to be opened like on the traditional cars or like the pair of barn doors. The model also includes the vertical glass integrated into the C-pillar which can be removed. You will also find a pair of tie-hoops in front and rear bumpers and model also has driver’s mirror equipped with the GoPro camera.


The interior is also interesting and equally rugged and versatile. The model includes two storage boxes in the rear, one heated and one cooled. The rear seats fold flat to open flat cargo area. The model also includes a sleeping bag stowed between the front seats.

Another interesting moment is that this vehicle doesn’t use infotainment system with the Apple Car play and Android Auto features. Instead, a phone mount sits above the digital instrument panel. The point is that most millennials rely on the GPS from their phones and Toyota used that cleverly.

2018 Toyota FT-4X

2018 Toyota FT-4X: Powertrain

When it comes to the powertrain, since the 2018 Toyota FT-4X is the concept vehicle, it doesn’t have any engine under the hood. However, Toyota said that potential production version could employ a small four-cylinder displacement. The solution might be CH-R’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit with 144 hp. A continuously variable transmission would also be the part of the combo. However, the all-wheel drive with the traditional mechanical setup should also be in the play combined with the low range modes for the extra off-road capability.

The suspension system would employ MacPherson struts for the front setup and a double-wishbone at the rear.

2018 Toyota FT-4X

2018 Toyota FT-4X: Production version?

With suggested engine option and driveline for the production version Toyota hinted that from the public reaction depends would the 2018 Toyota FT-4X concept get the green light in the future. If the outcome would be positive, we should expect it in two or three years. The price could be in the range between $25-35k.

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