2018 Tesla Model X: News, Mileage, Price

Tesla Model X rides on the version of the platform which underpins the Model S sedan but it has the shape of the SUV and provides a quite functional interior. The SUV-like look and standard all-wheel drive system, unfortunately, doesn’t mean SUV’s utility, but this model boasts impressive drive range and comes in performance version.

Tesla recently reduced the prices of the lower-spec versions due to the improved production efficiency but high-performing versions are more expensive. Tesla is also applying the changes and updates on its models on the fly and doesn’t do it like other automakers by following the model years. So, it’s hard to say what would be the changes on the 2018 Tesla Model X but expect revised trim features, new wheel options and upgraded tech.

2018 Tesla Model X

2018 Tesla Model X: Styling

The 2018 2018 Tesla Model X won’t change much on its outside. The model continues with the familiar shape and styling elements but fresh details like the new wheel and color options will be on the offer.

The model will feature familiar corporate face combined with the narrow LED headlights and sculpted bumper.

The profile has pronounced character line running below the door hinges. The front doors open conventionally while the rear feature so-called “falcon doors” design.

The Tesla model X also has the massive panoramic sunroof and canted rear glass. The standard wheels are 20-inch alloys and as the option comes 22-inch units.

Interior, Features:

Inside, the Tesla Model X is exceptionally quiet and seats will provide long ride comfort. The front passengers will also have plenty of space while the head room in the second row is also good. Tesla’s model will also include nice materials like the leather and suede combined with the wood and matte silver inserts.

The model will again return in five-, six- and seven seat configurations and with the standard all-wheel drive.

All Model X will also include a 17-inch touchscreen with navigation, air suspension, heated front seats, keyless entry, power liftgate, an array of advanced safety systems, etc.

The safety will be provided by 12 airbags, rearview camera, lane departure warning, blind-spot warning, automatic emergency braking, Tesla’s Autopilot system, etc.

The options will include additional heaters, premium sound system, upgraded upholstery, an upgraded charger and so on.

2018 Tesla Model X

2018 Tesla Model X: Performance

When it comes to the performance and mileage, the 2018 Tesla Model X will return in several configurations. All models will be the all-wheel drive which is denoted with D in their name. The number stands for the battery capacity.

The 75D model has 75 kWh battery which provides the range of 237 miles and the 60-mph sprint in 6 seconds. The 90-kWh battery in the 90D version improves the range to 257 miles while the 60mph time drops to 4.8 seconds. The range of 295 miles is reachable with the 100D model and its 100-kWh battery. However, if you are ready to trade a few miles for the better performance, the P100D model can hit 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. It still can reach 289 miles.

2018 Tesla Model X

2018 Tesla Model X: Availability, Price

The new 2018 Tesla Model X will stay close to the current price range. The 75D and 90D models will cost around $82, 500 and $93, 500 respectively. The model with the 100-kWh battery will be available from $99, 500. However, the performance version will cost about $145, 000.

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